Opta Assists - Messi vs Ronaldo All Time Assists (Opta)

All Time Career Assists (Opta)

Messi All Time Career Assists (Opta)

372 Assists (Opta)

Messi makes an assist every 2.8 games

Ronaldo All Time Career Assists (Opta)

251 Assists (Opta)

Ronaldo makes an assist every 4.9 games

All Time Club Assists (Opta)

Messi All Time Club Assists (Opta)

319 Assists (Opta)

Messi makes an assist every 2.8 games

Ronaldo All Time Club Assists (Opta)

216 Assists (Opta)

Ronaldo makes an assist every 4.7 games

League Assists (Opta)

Messi League Assists (Opta)

233 Assists (Opta)

Messi makes an assist every 2.5 games

Ronaldo League Assists (Opta)

157 Assists (Opta)

Ronaldo makes an assist every 4.4 games

Champions League Assists (Opta)

Messi Champions League Assists (Opta)

40 Assists (Opta)

Messi makes an assist every 4.0 games

Ronaldo Champions League Assists (Opta)

41 Assists (Opta)

Ronaldo makes an assist every 4.5 games

Other Club Cups Assists (Opta)

Messi Other Club Cups Assists (Opta)

46 Assists (Opta)

Messi makes an assist every 2.7 games

Ronaldo Other Club Cups Assists (Opta)

18 Assists (Opta)

Ronaldo makes an assist every 7.6 games

International Assists (Opta)

Messi International Assists (Opta)

53 Assists (Opta)

Messi makes an assist every 3.4 games

Ronaldo International Assists (Opta)

35 Assists (Opta)

Ronaldo makes an assist every 5.9 games

Messi & Ronaldo Opta Assists

All stats on this page will auto-update

We get a lot of questions about assist stats. The problem is that assists are, by nature, very ambiguous and subsequently many different websites and stats providers have slightly different numbers.

This website doesn't use Opta as a direct data source, however we do try to align our assist stats with Opta's as much as possible, as they are the industry leading stats provider.

Opta are the most reliable stats source and the closest we've got to an "official" stats provider in football. They provide stats for the BBC, the Premier League, WhoScored, Squawka, and many other major media outlets.

The following is Opta's assist definition:

The final touch (pass, pass-cum-shot or any other touch) leading to the recipient of the ball scoring a goal. If the final touch (as defined in bold) is deflected by an opposition player, the initiator is only given a goal assist if the receiving player was likely to receive the ball without the deflection having taken place. Own goals, directly taken free kicks, direct corner goals and penalties do not get an assist awarded.

Transfermarkt on the other hand are much more loose with their assist definition; they count deflected passes, rebounded shots, penalties won, and own goal assists; however they are seemingly very inconsistent in terms of awarding these assists and there are subsequently many holes in their data.

For complete assist totals of all types, including deflected passes, goalkeeper rebounds, post rebounds, penalties won (scored by others) and own goal assists, take a look at our All Assists (+ non-Opta) page.

You can also view a full list of all assists that Transfermarkt are missing from their records over on our Info page.

Set Piece / Open Play Assists

TotalSet PieceOpen Play
Season / CompM Messi total assistsR Ronaldo total assistsM Messi set-piece assistsR Ronaldo set-piece assistsM Messi open play assistsR Ronaldo open play assists
22/23 League16010150
22/23 UCL400040
22/23 Total20010190
21/22 League14320123
21/22 UCL000000
21/22 Total14320123
20/21 League931083
20/21 UCL220022
20/21 Total11510105
19/20 League21550165
19/20 UCL300030
19/20 Total24550195
18/19 League13810128
18/19 UCL320032
18/19 Total1610101510
17/18 League12520105
17/18 UCL230023
17/18 Total14820128
16/17 League960096
16/17 UCL250025
16/17 Total1111001111
15/16 League1611001611
15/16 UCL140014
15/16 Total1715001715
14/15 League1816111715
14/15 UCL531043
14/15 Total2319212118
13/14 League11910109
13/14 UCL040004
13/14 Total1113101013
12/13 League1210001210
12/13 UCL210021
12/13 Total1411001411
11/12 League1612201412
11/12 UCL630063
11/12 Total2215202015
10/11 League1811211610
10/11 UCL340034
10/11 Total2115211914
09/10 League1071097
09/10 UCL010001
09/10 Total1081098

Assists by Type

NOTE: an assist can be multiple types (e.g. one assist can be both a free kick and a cross)

CornerFree KickThrow-inThroughballCrossOther
Season / CompM Messi corner assistsR Ronaldo corner assistsM Messi free kick assistsR Ronaldo free kick assistsM Messi throw-in assistsR Ronaldo throw-in assistsM Messi throughball assistsR Ronaldo throughball assistsM Messi cross assistsR Ronaldo cross assistsM Messi other assistsR Ronaldo other assists
22/23 League100000801070
22/23 UCL000000100030
22/23 Total1000009010100
21/22 League101000412072
21/22 UCL000000000000
21/22 Total101000412072
20/21 League100000312042
20/21 UCL000000000022
20/21 Total100000312064
19/20 League104000602095
19/20 UCL000000100020
19/20 Total1040007020115
18/19 League001000401187
18/19 UCL000000000032
18/19 Total0010004011119
17/18 League101000212183
17/18 UCL000000010022
17/18 Total1010002221105
16/17 League000000210174
16/17 UCL000000000025
16/17 Total000000210199
15/16 League0000007000911
15/16 UCL000000000113
15/16 Total00000070011014
14/15 League0011006231913
14/15 UCL001000201023
14/15 Total00210082411116
13/14 League001000102089
13/14 UCL000000010002
13/14 Total0010001120811
12/13 League000000430087
12/13 UCL000000001011
12/13 Total000000431098
11/12 League002000931455
11/12 UCL000000200033
11/12 Total0020001131488
10/11 League2001001122356
10/11 UCL000000200113
10/11 Total2001001322469
09/10 League001000303146
09/10 UCL000000000000
09/10 Total001000303146

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