Messi vs Ronaldo Assists (Opta)

All Time Career Assists (Opta)

Messi All Time Career Assists (Opta)


makes an assist every 2.9 games

Ronaldo All Time Career Assists (Opta)


makes an assist every 4.7 games

All Time Club Assists (Opta)

Messi All Time Club Assists (Opta)


makes an assist every 2.9 games

Ronaldo All Time Club Assists (Opta)


makes an assist every 4.5 games

League Assists (Opta)

Messi League Assists (Opta)


makes an assist every 2.7 games

Ronaldo League Assists (Opta)


makes an assist every 4.2 games

Champions League Assists (Opta)

Messi Champions League Assists (Opta)


makes an assist every 4.1 games

Ronaldo Champions League Assists (Opta)


makes an assist every 4.6 games

Other Club Cups Assists (Opta)

Messi Other Club Cups Assists (Opta)


makes an assist every 2.6 games

Ronaldo Other Club Cups Assists (Opta)


makes an assist every 7.6 games

International Assists (Opta)

Messi International Assists (Opta)


makes an assist every 3.3 games

Ronaldo International Assists (Opta)


makes an assist every 6.0 games

Messi & Ronaldo Opta Assists

All stats on this page will auto-update

We get a lot of questions about assist stats. The problem is that assists are, by nature, very ambiguous and subsequently many different websites and stats providers have slightly different numbers.

This website doesn't use Opta as a direct data source, however we do try to align our assist stats with Opta's as much as possible, as they are the industry leading stats provider.

Opta are the most reliable stats source and the closest we've got to an "official" stats provider in football. They provide stats for the BBC, the Premier League, WhoScored, Squawka, and many other major media outlets.

The following is Opta's assist definition:

The final touch (pass, pass-cum-shot or any other touch) leading to the recipient of the ball scoring a goal. If the final touch (as defined in bold) is deflected by an opposition player, the initiator is only given a goal assist if the receiving player was likely to receive the ball without the deflection having taken place. Own goals, directly taken free kicks, direct corner goals and penalties do not get an assist awarded.

Transfermarkt on the other hand are much more loose with their assist definition; they count deflected passes, rebounded shots, penalties won, and own goal assists; however they are seemingly very inconsistent in terms of awarding these assists and there are subsequently many holes in their data.

For complete assist totals of all types, including deflected passes, goalkeeper rebounds, post rebounds, penalties won (scored by others) and own goal assists, take a look at our All Assists (+ non-Opta) page.

Ronaldo Opta Assists

Most discrepencies between the various different websites relate to Ronaldo's assist total.

Many websites report Ronaldo's all time assist total as around 222 or 223. However, there are several assists that are sometimes credited to Ronaldo that are not credited by Opta as they do not meet the definition. These are:

  • 3/10/2002 Partizan, UEFA Cup (rebound after deflected cross) video
  • 24/5/2003 Vitória Setubal, Primeira Liga (rebound) video
  • 25/01/2004 Northampton Town, FA Cup (blocked shot) video
  • 14/02/2004 Manchester City, FA Cup (teammate gets final touch) video
  • 10/09/2004 Liechtenstein, World Cup Qualifier (deflection) video
  • 15/09/2004 Lyon, Champions League (deflected shot) video
  • 15/02/2009 Derby County, FA Cup (free kick into wall) video
  • 08/12/2009 Marseille, Champions League (teammate credited with final touch) video
  • 11/09/2012 Azerbaijan, World Cup Qualifier (deflections) video
  • 09/12/2014 Ludogorets, Champions League (deflection) video
  • 26/02/2014 Schalke, Champions League (deflection) video

If you disagree with any of the above, please don't direct your anger at us - we don't make the rules! You may not agree with Opta's definition, but it is consistently applied, which is the most important thing.

Ronaldo Champions League Assists

UEFA collects their own stats, and unfortunately they don't seem to consistently abide by a particular definition like Opta does. They don't count all assists (such as deflected passes and rebounds), nor do they follow Opta's definiton - they fall somewhere in between.

UEFA list Ronaldo as having 40 Champions League assists, whereas the official Opta figure is 39 Champions League assists - this also includes 1 assist in Champions League qualifying.

If you have any questions about assist stats, contact us on Twitter at @mvsrapp, and we’ll do our best to help.

Updated Oct 26, 10:54 PM UTC