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Messi & Ronaldo All Assists

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Below you can see a complete list of Messi and Ronaldo assists of all different types.

Note that winning a penalty only counts as an assist if it is scored by a team mate - a player cannot assist themself.

Full List of Lionel Messi Career Assists

This list of Messi assists includes Opta assists, deflected pass assists, goalkeeper rebound assists, post rebound assists, own goal assists and penalties won.

20-06-2024Copa AmericaCanada1 Opta assist
14-06-2024International FriendlyGuatemala1 Opta assist
04-05-2024MLSNew York Red Bulls5 Opta assist
27-04-2024MLSNew England1 Opta assist
1 GK rebound assist
20-04-2024MLSNashville SC1 Opta assist
13-04-2024MLSKansas City1 Opta assist
10-04-2024CONCACAF Champions CupMonterrey1 Opta assist
13-03-2024CONCACAF Champions CupNashville SC1 Opta assist
21-02-2024MLSReal Salt Lake1 Opta assist
03-09-2023MLSLAFC2 Opta assist
23-08-2023US Open CupFC Cincinnati2 Opta assist
06-08-2023Leagues CupFC Dallas1 own goal assist
25-07-2023Leagues CupAtlanta United1 Opta assist
21-05-2023Ligue 1Auxerre1 Opta assist
21-04-2023Ligue 1Angers1 Opta assist
08-04-2023Ligue 1Nice1 Opta assist
28-03-2023International FriendlyCuracao1 Opta assist
11-03-2023Ligue 1Brest1 Opta assist
26-02-2023Ligue 1Marseille2 Opta assist
13-12-2022World CupCroatia1 Opta assist
09-12-2022World CupNetherlands1 Opta assist
26-11-2022World CupMexico1 Opta assist
16-11-2022International FriendlyUnited Arab Emirates1 Opta assist
02-11-2022Champions LeagueJuventus1 Opta assist
29-10-2022Ligue 1Troyes1 Opta assist
25-10-2022Champions LeagueMaccabi Haifa2 Opta assist
21-10-2022Ligue 1Ajaccio2 Opta assist
14-09-2022Champions LeagueMaccabi Haifa1 Opta assist
10-09-2022Ligue 1Brest1 Opta assist
03-09-2022Ligue 1Nantes2 Opta assist
31-08-2022Ligue 1Toulouse2 Opta assist
21-08-2022Ligue 1Lille1 Opta assist
1 deflected assist
06-08-2022Ligue 1Clermont Foot1 Opta assist
01-06-2022FinalissimaItaly2 Opta assist
21-05-2022Ligue 1Metz1 Opta assist
1 post rebound assist
09-04-2022Ligue 1Clermont Foot3 Opta assist
26-02-2022Ligue 1St Etienne2 Opta assist
19-02-2022Ligue 1Nantes1 Opta assist
11-02-2022Ligue 1Rennes1 Opta assist
06-02-2022Ligue 1Lille1 Opta assist
23-01-2022Ligue 1Reims1 Opta assist
12-12-2021Ligue 1Monaco1 Opta assist
28-11-2021Ligue 1St Etienne3 Opta assist
24-11-2021Champions LeagueManchester City1 deflected assist
20-11-2021Ligue 1Nantes1 own goal assist
07-07-2021Copa AmericaColombia1 Opta assist
03-07-2021Copa AmericaEcuador2 Opta assist
28-06-2021Copa AmericaBolivia1 Opta assist
18-06-2021Copa AmericaUruguay1 Opta assist
22-04-2021La LigaGetafe1 Opta assist
21-03-2021La LigaReal Sociedad1 Opta assist
15-03-2021La LigaHuesca1 Opta assist
06-03-2021La LigaOsasuna2 Opta assist
27-02-2021La LigaSevilla1 Opta assist
13-02-2021La LigaAlaves1 Opta assist
03-02-2021Copa del ReyGranada1 Opta assist
1 GK rebound assist
17-01-2021Supercopa de EspanaAthletic Bilbao1 deflected assist
03-01-2021La LigaHuesca1 Opta assist
22-12-2020La LigaReal Valladolid1 Opta assist
28-10-2020Champions LeagueJuventus1 Opta assist
20-10-2020Champions LeagueFerencvaros1 Opta assist
04-10-2020La LigaSevilla1 deflected assist
01-10-2020La LigaCelta Vigo1 GK rebound assist
1 own goal assist
27-09-2020La LigaVillarreal1 own goal assist
08-08-2020Champions LeagueNapoli1 pen won assist
19-07-2020La LigaAlaves1 Opta assist
11-07-2020La LigaReal Valladolid1 Opta assist
08-07-2020La LigaEspanyol1 deflected assist
05-07-2020La LigaVillarreal2 Opta assist
30-06-2020La LigaAtletico Madrid1 own goal assist
27-06-2020La LigaCelta Vigo2 Opta assist
23-06-2020La LigaAthletic Bilbao1 Opta assist
13-06-2020La LigaMallorca2 Opta assist
15-02-2020La LigaGetafe1 Opta assist
09-02-2020La LigaReal Betis3 Opta assist
02-02-2020La LigaLevante2 Opta assist
30-01-2020Copa del ReyLeganes1 Opta assist
14-12-2019La LigaReal Sociedad1 Opta assist
27-11-2019Champions LeagueBorussia Dortmund2 Opta assist
23-11-2019La LigaLeganes1 Opta assist
18-11-2019International FriendlyUruguay1 Opta assist
29-10-2019La LigaReal Valladolid2 Opta assist
19-10-2019La LigaEibar1 Opta assist
02-10-2019Champions LeagueInter Milan1 Opta assist
24-09-2019La LigaVillarreal1 Opta assist
06-07-2019Copa AmericaChile1 Opta assist
20-04-2019La LigaReal Sociedad1 Opta assist
13-03-2019Champions LeagueLyon2 Opta assist
09-03-2019La LigaRayo Vallecano1 Opta assist
23-02-2019La LigaSevilla1 Opta assist
30-01-2019Copa del ReySevilla1 Opta assist
1 pen won assist
20-01-2019La LigaLeganes1 GK rebound assist
17-01-2019Copa del ReyLevante1 Opta assist
1 deflected assist
22-12-2018La LigaCelta Vigo1 GK rebound assist
16-12-2018La LigaLevante2 Opta assist
08-12-2018La LigaEspanyol1 Opta assist
02-12-2018La LigaVillarreal1 Opta assist
28-11-2018Champions LeaguePSV Eindhoven1 Opta assist
24-11-2018La LigaAtletico Madrid1 Opta assist
20-10-2018La LigaSevilla1 Opta assist
29-09-2018La LigaAthletic Bilbao1 Opta assist
26-09-2018La LigaLeganes1 Opta assist
02-09-2018La LigaHuesca2 Opta assist
12-08-2018Supercopa de EspanaSevilla1 Opta assist
1 post rebound assist
30-06-2018World CupFrance2 Opta assist
30-05-2018International FriendlyHaiti1 Opta assist
21-04-2018Copa del ReySevilla2 Opta assist
14-03-2018Champions LeagueChelsea1 Opta assist
24-02-2018La LigaGirona1 Opta assist
17-02-2018La LigaEibar1 Opta assist
1 GK rebound assist
04-02-2018La LigaEspanyol1 Opta assist
01-02-2018Copa del ReyValencia1 Opta assist
21-01-2018La LigaReal Betis1 Opta assist
14-01-2018La LigaReal Sociedad1 Opta assist
11-01-2018Copa del ReyCelta Vigo1 Opta assist
07-01-2018La LigaLevante1 Opta assist
23-12-2017La LigaReal Madrid1 Opta assist
17-12-2017La LigaDeportivo La Coruna1 Opta assist
1 post rebound assist
26-11-2017La LigaValencia1 Opta assist
18-11-2017La LigaLeganes1 deflected assist
21-10-2017La LigaMalaga1 Opta assist
18-10-2017Champions LeagueOlympiacos1 Opta assist
01-10-2017La LigaLas Palmas1 Opta assist
19-09-2017La LigaEibar1 GK rebound assist
16-09-2017La LigaGetafe1 Opta assist
12-09-2017Champions LeagueJuventus1 deflected assist
27-05-2017Copa del ReyAlaves1 Opta assist
06-05-2017La LigaVillarreal1 deflected assist
29-04-2017La LigaEspanyol1 Opta assist
1 deflected assist
23-04-2017La LigaReal Madrid1 deflected assist
15-04-2017La LigaReal Sociedad1 Opta assist
05-04-2017La LigaSevilla1 deflected assist
04-03-2017La LigaCelta Vigo2 Opta assist
01-03-2017La LigaSporting Gijon1 Opta assist
07-02-2017Copa del ReyAtletico Madrid1 GK rebound assist
29-01-2017La LigaReal Betis1 Opta assist
26-01-2017Copa del ReyReal Sociedad2 Opta assist
22-01-2017La LigaEibar1 deflected assist
18-12-2016La LigaEspanyol1 deflected assist
1 GK rebound assist
15-11-2016World Cup QualifierColombia2 Opta assist
06-11-2016La LigaSevilla1 Opta assist
19-10-2016Champions LeagueManchester City1 Opta assist
17-09-2016La LigaLeganes1 Opta assist
13-09-2016Champions LeagueCeltic1 Opta assist
20-08-2016La LigaReal Betis1 Opta assist
17-08-2016Supercopa de EspanaSevilla1 Opta assist
14-08-2016Supercopa de EspanaSevilla1 Opta assist
21-06-2016Copa AmericaUSA2 Opta assist
18-06-2016Copa AmericaVenezuela2 Opta assist
22-05-2016Copa del ReySevilla2 Opta assist
08-05-2016La LigaEspanyol1 Opta assist
30-04-2016La LigaReal Betis2 Opta assist
23-04-2016La LigaSporting Gijon1 Opta assist
20-04-2016La LigaDeportivo La Coruna2 Opta assist
12-03-2016La LigaGetafe3 Opta assist
14-02-2016La LigaCelta Vigo2 Opta assist
07-02-2016La LigaLevante1 Opta assist
27-01-2016Copa del ReyAthletic Bilbao1 Opta assist
13-01-2016Copa del ReyEspanyol1 Opta assist
06-01-2016Copa del ReyEspanyol2 Opta assist
12-12-2015La LigaDeportivo La Coruna1 Opta assist
05-12-2015La LigaValencia1 Opta assist
24-11-2015Champions LeagueRoma1 Opta assist
23-09-2015La LigaCelta Vigo1 Opta assist
20-09-2015La LigaLevante1 Opta assist
11-08-2015UEFA Super CupSevilla1 GK rebound assist
01-07-2015Copa AmericaParaguay3 Opta assist
06-06-2015Champions LeagueJuventus1 GK rebound assist
09-05-2015La LigaReal Sociedad1 deflected assist
06-05-2015Champions LeagueBayern Munich1 Opta assist
02-05-2015La LigaCordoba1 Opta assist
28-04-2015La LigaGetafe1 Opta assist
18-04-2015La LigaValencia1 Opta assist
15-04-2015Champions LeagueParis Saint-Germain1 Opta assist
22-03-2015La LigaReal Madrid1 Opta assist
18-03-2015Champions LeagueManchester City1 Opta assist
08-03-2015La LigaRayo Vallecano1 Opta assist
04-03-2015Copa del ReyVillarreal1 Opta assist
24-02-2015Champions LeagueManchester City1 deflected assist
15-02-2015La LigaLevante1 Opta assist
11-02-2015Copa del ReyVillarreal1 Opta assist
08-02-2015La LigaAthletic Bilbao2 Opta assist
1 own goal assist
01-02-2015La LigaVillarreal1 deflected assist
24-01-2015La LigaElche2 Opta assist
11-01-2015La LigaAtletico Madrid1 Opta assist
08-01-2015Copa del ReyElche2 Opta assist
21-10-2014Champions LeagueAjax1 Opta assist
18-10-2014La LigaEibar1 Opta assist
14-10-2014International FriendlyHong Kong1 Opta assist
27-09-2014La LigaGranada2 Opta assist
21-09-2014La LigaLevante2 Opta assist
17-09-2014Champions LeagueAPOEL1 Opta assist
13-09-2014La LigaAthletic Bilbao2 Opta assist
31-08-2014La LigaVillarreal1 GK rebound assist
01-07-2014World CupSwitzerland1 Opta assist
04-06-2014International FriendlyTrinidad and Tobago1 post rebound assist
17-05-2014La LigaAtletico Madrid1 Opta assist
23-03-2014La LigaReal Madrid1 Opta assist
16-03-2014La LigaOsasuna1 Opta assist
02-03-2014La LigaAlmeria1 post rebound assist
15-02-2014La LigaRayo Vallecano1 Opta assist
09-02-2014La LigaSevilla1 Opta assist
01-02-2014La LigaValencia1 Opta assist
26-01-2014La LigaMalaga1 Opta assist
22-01-2014Copa del ReyLevante3 Opta assist
29-10-2013La LigaCelta Vigo1 Opta assist
24-09-2013La LigaReal Sociedad1 Opta assist
21-09-2013La LigaRayo Vallecano1 Opta assist
14-09-2013La LigaSevilla1 GK rebound assist
10-09-2013World Cup QualifierParaguay1 Opta assist
18-08-2013La LigaLevante1 Opta assist
14-06-2013International FriendlyGuatemala1 Opta assist
27-04-2013La LigaAthletic Bilbao1 Opta assist
30-03-2013La LigaCelta Vigo1 Opta assist
23-03-2013World Cup QualifierVenezuela2 Opta assist
17-03-2013La LigaRayo Vallecano1 Opta assist
10-02-2013La LigaGetafe1 Opta assist
1 deflected assist
06-02-2013International FriendlySweden1 GK rebound assist
30-01-2013Copa del ReyReal Madrid1 Opta assist
13-01-2013La LigaMalaga2 Opta assist
06-01-2013La LigaEspanyol1 Opta assist
20-11-2012Champions LeagueSpartak Moscow1 deflected assist
17-11-2012La LigaReal Zaragoza1 Opta assist
20-10-2012La LigaDeportivo La Coruna1 Opta assist
02-10-2012Champions LeagueBenfica2 Opta assist
29-09-2012La LigaSevilla2 Opta assist
22-09-2012La LigaGranada1 own goal assist
02-09-2012La LigaValencia1 Opta assist
02-06-2012World Cup QualifierEcuador1 Opta assist
29-04-2012La LigaRayo Vallecano2 Opta assist
1 post rebound assist
24-04-2012Champions LeagueChelsea1 Opta assist
10-04-2012La LigaGetafe2 Opta assist
07-04-2012La LigaReal Zaragoza1 Opta assist
03-04-2012Champions LeagueAC Milan1 deflected assist
31-03-2012La LigaAthletic Bilbao1 Opta assist
24-03-2012La LigaMallorca1 post rebound assist
20-03-2012La LigaGranada1 Opta assist
1 GK rebound assist
19-02-2012La LigaValencia1 deflected assist
14-02-2012Champions LeagueBayer Leverkusen1 Opta assist
08-02-2012Copa del ReyValencia1 Opta assist
04-02-2012La LigaReal Sociedad1 Opta assist
25-01-2012Copa del ReyReal Madrid1 Opta assist
18-01-2012Copa del ReyReal Madrid1 Opta assist
12-01-2012Copa del ReyOsasuna1 Opta assist
15-12-2011Club World CupAl-Sadd SC1 Opta assist
10-12-2011La LigaReal Madrid1 Opta assist
03-12-2011La LigaLevante1 Opta assist
23-11-2011Champions LeagueAC Milan1 Opta assist
29-10-2011La LigaMallorca1 Opta assist
19-10-2011Champions LeagueViktoria Plzen2 Opta assist
07-10-2011World Cup QualifierChile1 Opta assist
24-09-2011La LigaAtletico Madrid1 own goal assist
21-09-2011La LigaValencia2 Opta assist
17-09-2011La LigaOsasuna2 Opta assist
13-09-2011Champions LeagueAC Milan1 Opta assist
06-09-2011International FriendlyNigeria1 Opta assist
1 GK rebound assist
02-09-2011International FriendlyVenezuela1 Opta assist
29-08-2011La LigaVillarreal1 Opta assist
26-08-2011UEFA Super CupFC Porto1 Opta assist
17-08-2011Supercopa de EspanaReal Madrid1 Opta assist
14-08-2011Supercopa de EspanaReal Madrid1 Opta assist
16-07-2011Copa AmericaUruguay1 Opta assist
11-07-2011Copa AmericaCosta Rica2 Opta assist
20-06-2011International FriendlyAlbania2 Opta assist
30-04-2011La LigaReal Sociedad1 Opta assist
09-04-2011La LigaAlmeria1 Opta assist
06-04-2011Champions LeagueShakhtar Donetsk1 Opta assist
19-03-2011La LigaGetafe1 Opta assist
05-03-2011La LigaReal Zaragoza1 GK rebound assist
16-02-2011Champions LeagueArsenal1 Opta assist
12-02-2011La LigaSporting Gijon1 Opta assist
09-02-2011International FriendlyPortugal1 Opta assist
26-01-2011Copa del ReyAlmeria1 Opta assist
22-01-2011La LigaRacing Santander1 Opta assist
16-01-2011La LigaMalaga1 Opta assist
08-01-2011La LigaDeportivo La Coruna2 Opta assist
05-01-2011Copa del ReyAthletic Bilbao1 Opta assist
18-12-2010La LigaEspanyol2 Opta assist
1 GK rebound assist
04-12-2010La LigaOsasuna1 Opta assist
29-11-2010La LigaReal Madrid2 Opta assist
20-11-2010La LigaAlmeria2 Opta assist
10-11-2010Copa del ReyAD Ceuta1 deflected assist
07-11-2010La LigaGetafe1 Opta assist
1 deflected assist
30-10-2010La LigaSevilla1 Opta assist
19-09-2010La LigaAtletico Madrid1 Opta assist
14-09-2010Champions LeaguePanathinaikos1 Opta assist
1 post rebound assist
27-06-2010World CupMexico1 Opta assist
22-06-2010World CupGreece1 GK rebound assist
17-06-2010World CupSouth Korea1 post rebound assist
1 own goal assist
16-05-2010La LigaReal Valladolid1 Opta assist
08-05-2010La LigaSevilla1 deflected assist
04-05-2010La LigaTenerife1 deflected assist
21-03-2010La LigaReal Zaragoza1 pen won assist
20-02-2010La LigaRacing Santander1 Opta assist
06-02-2010La LigaGetafe1 Opta assist
23-01-2010La LigaReal Valladolid1 Opta assist
10-01-2010La LigaTenerife1 Opta assist
02-12-2009La LigaXerez1 Opta assist
25-10-2009La LigaReal Zaragoza1 Opta assist
26-09-2009La LigaMalaga1 Opta assist
22-09-2009La LigaRacing Santander1 Opta assist
19-09-2009La LigaAtletico Madrid1 Opta assist
28-08-2009UEFA Super CupShakhtar Donetsk1 Opta assist
13-05-2009Copa del ReyAthletic Bilbao1 Opta assist
06-05-2009Champions LeagueChelsea1 Opta assist
02-05-2009La LigaReal Madrid1 Opta assist
08-04-2009Champions LeagueBayern Munich1 Opta assist
28-03-2009World Cup QualifierVenezuela1 Opta assist
15-03-2009La LigaAlmeria1 post rebound assist
08-02-2009La LigaSporting Gijon2 Opta assist
24-01-2009La LigaNumancia1 Opta assist
11-01-2009La LigaOsasuna1 Opta assist
26-11-2008Champions LeagueSporting CP1 Opta assist
08-11-2008La LigaReal Valladolid1 Opta assist
25-10-2008La LigaAlmeria2 Opta assist
22-10-2008Champions LeagueFC Basel2 Opta assist
04-10-2008La LigaAtletico Madrid1 pen won assist
24-09-2008La LigaReal Betis2 Opta assist
21-09-2008La LigaSporting Gijon1 Opta assist
06-09-2008World Cup QualifierParaguay1 Opta assist
04-06-2008International FriendlyMexico1 Opta assist
1 deflected assist
17-05-2008La LigaReal Murcia2 Opta assist
11-05-2008La LigaMallorca1 deflected assist
1 GK rebound assist
07-05-2008La LigaReal Madrid1 Opta assist
04-05-2008La LigaValencia1 Opta assist
24-02-2008La LigaLevante2 Opta assist
09-02-2008La LigaSevilla1 Opta assist
15-12-2007La LigaValencia2 Opta assist
01-12-2007La LigaEspanyol1 Opta assist
17-11-2007World Cup QualifierBolivia1 Opta assist
07-11-2007Champions LeagueGlasgow Rangers1 Opta assist
20-10-2007La LigaVillarreal1 Opta assist
07-10-2007La LigaAtletico Madrid1 GK rebound assist
29-09-2007La LigaLevante1 Opta assist
1 GK rebound assist
19-09-2007Champions LeagueLyon1 own goal assist
11-09-2007International FriendlyAustralia1 Opta assist
09-07-2007Copa AmericaPeru1 GK rebound assist
03-07-2007Copa AmericaColombia1 pen won assist
29-06-2007Copa AmericaUSA1 Opta assist
17-06-2007La LigaGimnastic1 Opta assist
02-06-2007International FriendlySwitzerland1 Opta assist
18-04-2007Copa del ReyGetafe1 Opta assist
28-02-2007Copa del ReyReal Zaragoza1 deflected assist
28-08-2006La LigaCelta Vigo1 Opta assist
16-06-2006World CupSerbia1 Opta assist
01-03-2006International FriendlyCroatia1 Opta assist
26-01-2006Copa del ReyReal Zaragoza1 pen won assist
17-12-2005La LigaCadiz1 Opta assist
19-11-2005La LigaReal Madrid1 Opta assist
16-11-2005International FriendlyQatar1 Opta assist
02-11-2005Champions LeaguePanathinaikos1 Opta assist
09-10-2005World Cup QualifierPeru1 pen won assist
14-09-2005Champions LeagueWerder Bremen1 pen won assist

Full List of Cristiano Ronaldo Career Assists

This list of Ronaldo assists includes Opta assists, deflected pass assists, goalkeeper rebound assists, post rebound assists, own goal assists and penalties won.

22-06-2024UEFA EurosTurkey1 Opta assist
17-05-2024Saudi Pro LeagueAl Hilal1 Opta assist
02-04-2024Saudi Pro LeagueAbha1 Opta assist
1 GK rebound assist
07-03-2024Saudi Pro LeagueAl-Raed1 post rebound assist
22-12-2023Saudi Pro LeagueAl-Ettifaq1 Opta assist
08-12-2023Saudi Pro LeagueAl Riyadh1 Opta assist
19-11-2023Euros QualifierIceland1 Opta assist
04-11-2023Saudi Pro LeagueAl-Khaleej1 Opta assist
28-10-2023Saudi Pro LeagueAl Feiha1 Opta assist
24-10-2023AFC Champions LeagueAl Duhail1 Opta assist
16-10-2023Euros QualifierBosnia and Herzegovina1 Opta assist
29-09-2023Saudi Pro LeagueAl Taee1 Opta assist
02-09-2023Saudi Pro LeagueAl-Hazm2 Opta assist
29-08-2023Saudi Pro LeagueAl Shabab1 Opta assist
1 post rebound assist
25-08-2023Saudi Pro LeagueAl Fateh1 Opta assist
22-08-2023AFC Champions LeagueShabab Al Ahli1 Opta assist
31-07-2023Arab Club Champions CupUS Monastir1 GK rebound assist
17-02-2023Saudi Pro LeagueAl-Taawoun2 Opta assist
03-11-2022Europa LeagueReal Sociedad1 Opta assist
06-10-2022Europa LeagueOmonia1 Opta assist
24-09-2022UEFA Nations LeagueCzech Republic1 Opta assist
05-06-2022UEFA Nations LeagueSwitzerland1 GK rebound assist
29-03-2022World Cup QualifierNorth Macedonia1 Opta assist
30-12-2021Premier LeagueBurnley1 Opta assist
20-11-2021Premier LeagueWatford1 Opta assist
30-10-2021Premier LeagueTottenham Hotspur1 Opta assist
19-06-2021UEFA EurosGermany1 Opta assist
11-04-2021Serie AGenoa1 post rebound assist
09-03-2021Champions LeagueFC Porto1 Opta assist
24-01-2021Serie ABologna1 Opta assist
03-01-2021Serie AUdinese1 Opta assist
11-11-2020International FriendlyAndorra1 Opta assist
04-11-2020Champions LeagueFerencvaros1 Opta assist
20-09-2020Serie ASampdoria1 Opta assist
26-07-2020Serie ASampdoria1 GK rebound assist
04-07-2020Serie ATorino1 Opta assist
26-06-2020Serie ALecce1 Opta assist
1 deflected assist
08-03-2020Serie AInter Milan1 Opta assist
06-01-2020Serie ACagliari1 Opta assist
22-12-2019Supercoppa ItalianaLazio1 GK rebound assist
06-11-2019Champions LeagueLokomotiv Moscow1 deflected assist
21-09-2019Serie AVerona1 Opta assist
20-04-2019Serie AFiorentina1 own goal assist
15-02-2019Serie AFrosinone1 Opta assist
10-02-2019Serie ASassuolo1 Opta assist
1 GK rebound assist
02-02-2019Serie AParma1 Opta assist
12-12-2018Champions LeagueYoung Boys1 Opta assist
27-11-2018Champions LeagueValencia1 Opta assist
03-11-2018Serie ACagliari1 Opta assist
29-09-2018Serie ANapoli2 Opta assist
1 post rebound assist
26-09-2018Serie ABologna1 Opta assist
25-08-2018Serie ALazio1 Opta assist
07-06-2018International FriendlyAlgeria1 Opta assist
03-04-2018Champions LeagueJuventus1 Opta assist
18-03-2018La LigaGirona1 Opta assist
06-03-2018Champions LeagueParis Saint-Germain1 Opta assist
10-02-2018La LigaReal Sociedad1 Opta assist
21-01-2018La LigaDeportivo La Coruna1 Opta assist
21-11-2017Champions LeagueAPOEL1 Opta assist
05-11-2017La LigaLas Palmas1 Opta assist
01-10-2017La LigaEspanyol1 Opta assist
03-09-2017World Cup QualifierHungary1 Opta assist
31-08-2017World Cup QualifierFaroe Islands1 Opta assist
18-06-2017Confederations CupMexico1 Opta assist
09-06-2017World Cup QualifierLatvia1 Opta assist
02-04-2017La LigaAlaves1 Opta assist
18-03-2017La LigaAthletic Bilbao2 Opta assist
07-03-2017Champions LeagueNapoli1 GK rebound assist
15-02-2017Champions LeagueNapoli1 Opta assist
29-01-2017La LigaReal Sociedad1 Opta assist
22-11-2016Champions LeagueSporting CP1 Opta assist
02-11-2016Champions LeagueLegia Warsaw1 Opta assist
18-10-2016Champions LeagueLegia Warsaw2 Opta assist
15-10-2016La LigaReal Betis1 Opta assist
02-10-2016La LigaEibar1 Opta assist
06-07-2016UEFA EurosWales1 Opta assist
25-06-2016UEFA EurosCroatia1 GK rebound assist
22-06-2016UEFA EurosHungary1 Opta assist
09-04-2016La LigaEibar2 Opta assist
08-03-2016Champions LeagueRoma1 Opta assist
02-03-2016La LigaLevante1 Opta assist
13-02-2016La LigaAthletic Bilbao1 Opta assist
09-01-2016La LigaDeportivo La Coruna2 Opta assist
03-01-2016La LigaValencia1 Opta assist
20-12-2015La LigaRayo Vallecano1 Opta assist
08-12-2015Champions LeagueMalmo1 Opta assist
05-12-2015La LigaGetafe1 Opta assist
25-11-2015Champions LeagueShakhtar Donetsk2 Opta assist
17-10-2015La LigaLevante1 Opta assist
12-09-2015La LigaEspanyol1 Opta assist
17-05-2015La LigaEspanyol1 Opta assist
26-04-2015La LigaCelta Vigo1 Opta assist
1 deflected assist
22-04-2015Champions LeagueAtletico Madrid1 Opta assist
18-04-2015La LigaMalaga2 Opta assist
08-04-2015La LigaRayo Vallecano1 Opta assist
15-03-2015La LigaLevante1 Opta assist
22-02-2015La LigaElche1 deflected assist
18-02-2015Champions LeagueSchalke1 Opta assist
14-02-2015La LigaDeportivo La Coruna1 Opta assist
10-01-2015La LigaEspanyol1 Opta assist
16-12-2014Club World CupCruz Azul2 Opta assist
09-12-2014Champions LeagueLudogorets1 deflected assist
29-11-2014La LigaMalaga2 Opta assist
22-11-2014La LigaEibar1 Opta assist
08-11-2014La LigaRayo Vallecano2 Opta assist
01-11-2014La LigaGranada2 Opta assist
05-10-2014La LigaAthletic Bilbao1 Opta assist
16-09-2014Champions LeagueFC Basel1 Opta assist
23-06-2014World CupUSA1 Opta assist
11-06-2014International FriendlyRepublic of Ireland1 GK rebound assist
24-05-2014Champions LeagueAtletico Madrid1 Opta assist
04-05-2014La LigaValencia1 Opta assist
29-03-2014La LigaRayo Vallecano1 Opta assist
09-03-2014La LigaLevante1 Opta assist
05-03-2014International FriendlyCameroon1 GK rebound assist
26-02-2014Champions LeagueSchalke1 Opta assist
1 deflected assist
02-02-2014La LigaAthletic Bilbao1 Opta assist
18-01-2014La LigaReal Betis1 Opta assist
09-01-2014Copa del ReyOsasuna1 Opta assist
14-12-2013La LigaOsasuna1 Opta assist
09-11-2013La LigaReal Sociedad1 Opta assist
05-11-2013Champions LeagueJuventus1 Opta assist
26-10-2013La LigaBarcelona1 Opta assist
22-09-2013La LigaGetafe1 deflected assist
1 GK rebound assist
17-09-2013Champions LeagueGalatasaray1 Opta assist
26-08-2013La LigaGranada1 Opta assist
08-05-2013La LigaMalaga2 Opta assist
20-04-2013La LigaReal Betis1 Opta assist
14-04-2013La LigaAthletic Bilbao1 Opta assist
06-04-2013La LigaLevante1 Opta assist
22-03-2013World Cup QualifierIsrael1 Opta assist
23-02-2013La LigaDeportivo La Coruna1 Opta assist
09-02-2013La LigaSevilla1 GK rebound assist
20-01-2013La LigaValencia1 Opta assist
09-01-2013Copa del ReyCelta Vigo1 Opta assist
16-12-2012La LigaEspanyol1 Opta assist
04-12-2012Champions LeagueAjax1 Opta assist
01-12-2012La LigaAtletico Madrid1 Opta assist
28-10-2012La LigaMallorca1 Opta assist
11-09-2012World Cup QualifierAzerbaijan1 Opta assist
1 GK rebound assist
02-06-2012International FriendlyTurkey1 Opta assist
02-05-2012La LigaAthletic Bilbao1 Opta assist
17-04-2012Champions LeagueBayern Munich1 Opta assist
11-04-2012La LigaAtletico Madrid1 Opta assist
31-03-2012La LigaOsasuna2 Opta assist
18-03-2012La LigaMalaga1 Opta assist
12-02-2012La LigaLevante1 Opta assist
26-11-2011La LigaAtletico Madrid1 Opta assist
18-10-2011Champions LeagueLyon1 Opta assist
15-10-2011La LigaReal Betis2 Opta assist
02-10-2011La LigaEspanyol2 Opta assist
27-09-2011Champions LeagueAjax1 Opta assist
10-09-2011La LigaGetafe1 Opta assist
02-09-2011Euros QualifierCyprus1 Opta assist
10-08-2011International FriendlyLuxembourg1 Opta assist
21-05-2011La LigaAlmeria3 Opta assist
1 deflected assist
16-03-2011Champions LeagueLyon1 Opta assist
22-02-2011Champions LeagueLyon1 Opta assist
19-02-2011La LigaLevante1 Opta assist
13-02-2011La LigaEspanyol1 Opta assist
09-01-2011La LigaVillarreal1 Opta assist
22-12-2010Copa del ReyLevante1 Opta assist
08-12-2010Champions LeagueAuxerre1 Opta assist
17-11-2010International FriendlySpain1 GK rebound assist
30-10-2010La LigaHercules1 GK rebound assist
19-10-2010Champions LeagueAC Milan1 Opta assist
16-10-2010La LigaMalaga2 Opta assist
12-10-2010Euros QualifierIceland1 GK rebound assist
08-10-2010Euros QualifierDenmark1 Opta assist
21-09-2010La LigaEspanyol1 Opta assist
18-09-2010La LigaReal Sociedad1 Opta assist
11-09-2010La LigaOsasuna1 Opta assist
21-06-2010World CupNorth Korea1 Opta assist
08-06-2010International FriendlyMozambique1 GK rebound assist
01-06-2010International FriendlyCameroon1 Opta assist
24-04-2010La LigaReal Zaragoza2 Opta assist
20-03-2010La LigaSporting Gijon1 Opta assist
1 GK rebound assist
14-03-2010La LigaReal Valladolid1 Opta assist
1 GK rebound assist
03-03-2010International FriendlyChina1 Opta assist
21-02-2010La LigaVillarreal2 Opta assist
1 pen won assist
08-12-2009Champions LeagueMarseille1 Opta assist
05-12-2009La LigaAlmeria1 Opta assist
1 GK rebound assist
10-10-2009World Cup QualifierHungary1 GK rebound assist
30-09-2009Champions LeagueMarseille1 pen won assist
05-05-2009Champions LeagueArsenal1 Opta assist
25-04-2009Premier LeagueTottenham Hotspur1 Opta assist
15-02-2009FA CupDerby County1 deflected assist
14-01-2009Premier LeagueWigan Athletic1 Opta assist
11-01-2009Premier LeagueChelsea1 Opta assist
21-12-2008Club World CupLiga de Quito1 Opta assist
15-11-2008Premier LeagueStoke City1 Opta assist
08-11-2008Premier LeagueArsenal1 deflected assist
05-11-2008Champions LeagueCeltic1 GK rebound assist
21-10-2008Champions LeagueCeltic1 GK rebound assist
04-10-2008Premier LeagueBlackburn Rovers1 Opta assist
30-09-2008Champions LeagueAalborg1 Opta assist
27-09-2008Premier LeagueBolton Wanderers1 Opta assist
19-06-2008UEFA EurosGermany1 GK rebound assist
11-06-2008UEFA EurosCzech Republic1 Opta assist
1 GK rebound assist
03-05-2008Premier LeagueWest Ham United1 Opta assist
29-03-2008Premier LeagueAston Villa3 Opta assist
23-02-2008Premier LeagueNewcastle United1 Opta assist
05-01-2008FA CupAston Villa1 deflected assist
01-01-2008Premier LeagueBirmingham City1 Opta assist
08-12-2007Premier LeagueDerby County1 GK rebound assist
27-11-2007Champions LeagueSporting CP1 Opta assist
28-04-2007Premier LeagueEverton1 own goal assist
17-04-2007Premier LeagueSheffield United1 Opta assist
10-04-2007Champions LeagueRoma1 Opta assist
31-03-2007Premier LeagueBlackburn Rovers1 deflected assist
1 GK rebound assist
24-03-2007Euros QualifierBelgium1 Opta assist
17-03-2007Premier LeagueBolton Wanderers2 Opta assist
1 GK rebound assist
07-03-2007Champions LeagueLille1 Opta assist
03-03-2007Premier LeagueLiverpool1 GK rebound assist
17-02-2007FA CupReading1 Opta assist
04-02-2007Premier LeagueTottenham Hotspur1 Opta assist
31-01-2007Premier LeagueWatford1 Opta assist
01-01-2007Premier LeagueNewcastle United1 Opta assist
30-12-2006Premier LeagueReading1 Opta assist
09-12-2006Premier LeagueManchester City1 Opta assist
06-12-2006Champions LeagueBenfica1 Opta assist
02-12-2006Premier LeagueMiddlesbrough1 pen won assist
17-10-2006Champions LeagueFC Copenhagen1 Opta assist
07-10-2006Euros QualifierAzerbaijan1 GK rebound assist
01-10-2006Premier LeagueNewcastle United1 post rebound assist
26-09-2006Champions LeagueBenfica1 Opta assist
09-09-2006Premier LeagueTottenham Hotspur1 GK rebound assist
01-09-2006International FriendlyDenmark1 Opta assist
17-04-2006Premier LeagueTottenham Hotspur1 Opta assist
26-03-2006Premier LeagueBirmingham City1 Opta assist
18-03-2006Premier LeagueWest Bromwich Albion1 Opta assist
01-02-2006Premier LeagueBlackburn Rovers1 Opta assist
20-12-2005League CupBirmingham City1 Opta assist
03-12-2005Premier LeaguePortsmouth1 Opta assist
15-11-2005International FriendlyNorthern Ireland1 own goal assist
12-11-2005International FriendlyCroatia1 Opta assist
06-11-2005Premier LeagueChelsea1 Opta assist
08-10-2005World Cup QualifierLiechtenstein1 Opta assist
24-08-2005Champions League QualifyingDebrecen1 Opta assist
20-08-2005Premier LeagueAston Villa1 deflected assist
17-04-2005FA CupNewcastle United2 Opta assist
19-02-2005FA CupEverton1 Opta assist
05-02-2005Premier LeagueBirmingham City1 Opta assist
22-01-2005Premier LeagueAston Villa1 GK rebound assist
15-01-2005Premier LeagueLiverpool1 Opta assist
26-12-2004Premier LeagueBolton Wanderers1 Opta assist
13-12-2004Premier LeagueFulham1 deflected assist
13-10-2004World Cup QualifierRussia1 Opta assist
09-10-2004World Cup QualifierLiechtenstein1 deflected assist
03-10-2004Premier LeagueMiddlesbrough1 Opta assist
15-09-2004Champions LeagueLyon1 Opta assist
1 deflected assist
11-09-2004Premier LeagueBolton Wanderers1 deflected assist
08-09-2004World Cup QualifierEstonia2 Opta assist
04-09-2004World Cup QualifierLatvia1 Opta assist
30-06-2004UEFA EurosNetherlands1 Opta assist
16-06-2004UEFA EurosRussia1 Opta assist
28-04-2004International FriendlySweden1 Opta assist
13-04-2004Premier LeagueLeicester City1 deflected assist
06-03-2004FA CupFulham1 Opta assist
28-02-2004Premier LeagueFulham1 Opta assist
07-02-2004Premier LeagueEverton1 Opta assist
25-01-2004FA CupNorthampton Town1 Opta assist
1 GK rebound assist
26-12-2003Premier LeagueEverton1 Opta assist
01-11-2003Premier LeaguePortsmouth1 Opta assist
01-10-2003Champions LeagueVfB Stuttgart1 pen won assist
24-05-2003Primeira LigaVitoria Setubal1 deflected assist
14-12-2002Primeira LigaLeiria2 Opta assist
30-11-2002Primeira LigaBeira-Mar1 Opta assist
08-11-2002Primeira LigaVitoria Guimaraes1 Opta assist
03-10-2002UEFA CupPartizan Belgrade1 deflected assist

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