All Goals Including Youth - Messi vs Ronaldo

All Goals Including Youth Official Senior + Youth Goals

Messi Stats All Goals Including Youth All Time

  • 864 Goals
  • - Assists
  • 1120 Apps
  • 0.77 goals per game

Ronaldo Stats All Goals Including Youth All Time

  • 913 Goals
  • - Assists
  • 1264 Apps
  • 0.72 goals per game

Messi & Ronaldo All Time Official Goals

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The most widely accepted definition of all time career statistics are those recorded in official senior games - basically all games at senior level except club friendlies.

However, Messi and Ronaldo also scored many goals at youth level, which are sometimes included in certain lists/records.

All Messi Goals Including Youth

All Senior Club729882
Barcelona B622
Barcelona C510
Argentina U2325
Argentina U201418

All Ronaldo Goals Including Youth

All Senior Club7651019
Sporting CP B02
Portugal U2323
Portugal U21310
Portugal U2015
Portugal U1757
Portugal U1579

All Time Top Goalscorers

Unfortunately, there isn't a crystal clear list of the top goalscorers of all time because the records and stats of players from decades past are patchy and incomplete, in addition to varying definitions of which goals should count.

The two most frequently shared all time top scorer lists are courtesy of IFFHS (International Federation of Football History & Statistics) and RSSSF (Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation).

IFFHS All Time Top Goalscorers List

The IFFHS list takes into account only goals scored in "top-level competitions", which discounts youth goals and goals scored in regional competitions by players such as Josef Bican.

1Cristiano Ronaldo8952002-present
2Lionel Messi8372004-present
5Ferenc Puskás7291943-1966
6Josef Bican7201931-1955
7Jimmy Jones6471947-1964
8Gerd Müller6341964-1981
10Joe Bambrick6161926-1943

RSSSF All Time Top Goalscorers List

The RSSSF list takes into account goals scored in competitions at all levels. The + indicates that some matches are unaccounted for and so the number of goals/matches could be higher.

1Erwin Helmchen987+5771.711924-1951
2Josef Bican950+6241.521931-1957
3Ronnie Rooke931+10280.911930-1961
4Cristiano Ronaldo91312640.722002-present
6Lionel Messi86411200.772004-present
5Jimmy Jones833+7511.111944-1965
7Ferenc Puskás8067931.021943-1967
8Ferenc Deák795+511+1.561939-1959
10Abe Lenstra783+843+0.931936-1963

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